Wednesday, June 15, 2011


[Author's Note:  From time to time, I plan to publish blurbs on patently stupid and incredible stories.  Rep. Anthony Weiner fits very nicely in the "patently stupid" column but the following report takes it one delicious step further.  As comedians have often noted: we can't make this stuff up!  How many ARE YOU BLEEPING KIDDING! columns I write depends entirely on the media.  Oh, and by the way, I had a more descriptive title in mind but it wasn't entirely proper.]

A short article in today's Post-Star newspaper ( reports that Rep. Tony Weiner's celebrity continues to grow.  An online doll company famous for its celebrity action figures (Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, etc.) is marketing a Weiner Doll.  The sexting Congressman's figure will be available in two versions: standard and enhanced.  The latter costs an additional $10.00 and is reportedly "anatomically" correct.  The article did not address whether the Congressman - currently on a leave of absence to seek therapy - posed for the figure or simply provided a few handy photos.  The company reports that the more expensive doll is "for adults only".  It is not clear if the doll comes with its own Twitter account.

Rep. Weiner, as you probably know, tweeted suggestive (or possibly explicit) photos to several women and then lied both convincingly and with incredible ease to his constituents, the nation and CNN. (Wolf Blitzer discussed his own twittering experiences warning politicians that they needed to be careful.)  Weiner claimed that his account was hacked and he was investigating to find the dastardly culprit and uncover just what happened.  He should have added: pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  The only excuse overlooked was multiple personality disorder.  That would have been interesting, at least.  The rest is too predictable and too familiar.

The Tony Weiner What a Guy doll (my name for it) belongs in the same dustbin as Serial Killer Playing Cards and Osama bin Laden Halloween masks.  Let's hope the only profit derived from this tasteless venture falls in the "learning from one's mistakes" category - but that's just me being naïve.  Worst case scenario: the company's CEO goes into therapy for two weeks.

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