Monday, June 11, 2012

58 & Thinking About Sex

A recent negative review posted on got me thinking.  Couldn't help was about my book, This Little Piggy Belongs to the Devil and, even though I shouldn't, I'm going to provide a little commentary.

"All he talks about is sexual and its just horrible. I wouldn't have bought the book if i knew the continent (sic)was so perverted. Don't waste your money if you don't want to hear about penis and sex through the whole book."

I am sorry that the book is not about sex.  I've written about sex before and it's a lot funnier.  I used to talk about sex in my stand-up routine...

("My wife couldn't be here tonight. She's suffering from RRSA:  recurring, remitting, sexual Alzheimer's.  Every time I suggest sex her brain concocts bizarre, unbelievable excuses: the curtains are open... if you're not laughing, don't feel bad.  No one ever got that joke.)

...but This Little Piggy Belongs to the Devil is a psychological thriller about a man, a sixty to sixty-two year old grandfather who slowly loses his mind as he wallows in the grief of losing his only grandchildren to fire.  It is a first person account during which he retells the history of his family from his own childhood through the deaths of his grandsons and beyond (as he targets the person he blames for the fire and plots vengeance).  It is an exercise in anger expressed in gritty language, pained and passionate sex, violence, a wealth of memory and (maybe) a little twisted humor.

Personally, I think the characters deserve so much more than reducing them to sex objects.  They have so much to say...before during and after sex!

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